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We know that cost is a significant factor in your decision to attend graduate school, and while finances need to be considered and planned for, many options exist to offset the cost of your degree. 

In fact, most graduate students receive financial assistance of some kind while enrolled in graduate school.

In an effort to help you understand your options for financing graduate school, we've developed a downloadable resource: Offsetting the Cost of Grad SchoolFinancial Aid for Graduate Students.

With this guide, we will answer the following questions (and more!):

  • How much does graduate school actually cost?
  • What are the main types of financial aid for a grad student?
  • What financial aid options does Neumann offer?

Use the form above to unlock the Financial Aid for Graduate Students Guide. Once you fill out the form, you'll have access to the guide and a variety of resources that will help you navigate the graduate school decision process. We can't wait to help you jumpstart your graduate school journey!


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