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In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, there is a critical need for experts who can learn emerging technologies and develop new, groundbreaking technological security systems in the field of cybersecurity.

Every day, organizations face cyber threats big and small. On average, data breeches cost U.S. organizations over $9 million to resolve. The threat to our digital infrastructure is legitimate and all industries rely on highly skilled experts to mitigate threats.

Use this free, downloadable guide to get an inside look at the cybersecurity job market and jobs you can get with a cybersecurity degree.

A Master of Science in Cybersecurity is specifically designed to arm future leaders with the sought-after industry skills needed to secure a meaningful career in the field.

In an effort to showcase this critical field, we developed an informative resource for future cybersecurity professionals — Is a Degree in Cybersecurity Worth It? Neumann University's Guide to Achieving a Master of Science in Cybersecurity.

With this guide, we will answer the following questions (and more!):

  • Is a degree in cybersecurity worth it?
  • What is the state of the cybersecurity job market?
  • Should you get a cybersecurity degree online?
  • What are the jobs you can get with a cybersecurity degree?

Use the form above to unlock the Master of Science in Cybersecurity Guide. Once you fill out the form, you'll also receive a variety of resources that will help you navigate the graduate school decision process. We can't wait to help you secure a meaningful career in cybersecurity! 


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