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[NU] MS in EDU SEL Guide Cover

A Guide to Neumann University's MS in Education — Social Emotional Learning Program

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Emotional health, social awareness, psychological safety: There are so many factors that directly impact a student’s ability to learn and acquire knowledge.

With Neumann University’s Master of Science in Education with an Emphasis on Social Emotional Learning, graduate students develop the skills needed to understand students’ emotions, set positive goals, show empathy, and ultimately, transform the lives of students — in an academic setting and beyond. 

Use the form above to download the SEL Guide and take the first step in boosting your teaching career! In the resource we will answer questions, such as:

  • What is social emotional learning?
  • What does fostering social emotional learning in the classroom look like?
  • How will a master's degree in education help you to impact the lives of students?
  • And much more!



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